martin vs taylor

In this article, we are going for the jackpot. Comparing Martins vs. Taylors guitars is an honor as they are both incredible.

These guitars are famous for their quality in all their parts. The wood is of the best quality, perfectly crafted, and finally, their mics system on electroacoustic guitar is perfect.

These are some of the reason why these two big companies are the most chosen by Rockstars all around the world.

The problem will only be the budget, as even their cheaper models are still more expensive than even the high-end models of other companies, so have in mind that when you are about to go their website or to a local shop you may want to bring your wallet with you, you will need it.

Over the years they have both tried to wider their catalog with other instruments. However, this was not a big success, meaning that in the end, you should only think of them for acoustic and electro acoustic guitars.

Most of the rock shows that you can find online eventually has an acoustic part, a part in which the band feels they get much closer to the audience that when being on the big stage playing with their electric instruments.

If they have an acoustic part, try to pause at any time and look at the frets for their guitars brands, you will see that at least 99% of them will always be either a Taylor or a Martin acoustic or electroacoustic guitar.

There is a reason why and it is simple; they are the best!

Is There a Difference?

There is no really big difference between similar price range model of either Taylor or Martin guitars. So, putting a cons and pros list does not make much sense, however, let me tell you a little bit about both companies so you can learn something before buying either of them.

C. F. Martin & Company is one of the oldest manufactures of guitars in the world. It was founded in 1833 in NYC, however, over time, they move their headquarters to Nazareth, Pennsylvania.

They eventually open a factory in Mexico to help production. However Mexican Martin’s guitars are not considered top quality instruments.

The company is still run by the Martin family and were famous for introducing the Dreadnought body style which is the classic guitar shape that almost all guitars have.

Over the years they have developed so many different models with different features that it is almost impossible to go through them all, so the only thing you should know about is that there is no downside when buying ANY Martin’s acoustic guitar. You will feel the quality immediately when you start playing them.

Taylor’s guitar is a younger brand, founded in California in 1974 and they are already the number one manufacturer of acoustic guitars in the USA.

Their main difference was that they started to try and combine different types of woods to achieve not only incredible but unique sounds and tones out of the guitars. They have manufacture for example guitars made with oak.

Also, a difference with Taylor’s guitar is that they started to make (and have the patent) bolt-on neck guitars with what they call NT (new technology).

In these guitars, they use one continuous piece of wood all the way up to the 19th fret to support the fretboard.

While most common guitars have the same thing but only until the 14th fret and then they just glue the rest of the fret to the guitar, this is made mostly as with the dreadnought shape acoustic guitar not many players play over the 12th fret as it becomes quite uncomfortable.


The conclusion is that both guitar brands are incredible, they have always produced high-quality guitar, and they are by far the choice of the biggest musicians on earth when it comes to acoustic guitars.

Even though both brands have tried to produce other types of instruments in the past so they could widen their catalog, both Martin and Taylor are synonymous of high-end acoustic guitars, and they will stay this way forever.

Martin’s guitars are one of the oldest on the planet (Founded on 1833 in NYC) and have kept the standard ever since, then Taylor’s, although maybe a little bit younger brand (Only 1974) these guitars designed and manufactured in California are just incredible.

Price will be the only thing you have to worry about when buying these high-end quality acoustic guitars, even their economy models will start at hundreds of dollars, and their most expensive ones might be even sold for hundreds of thousands, but believe me when I say they are worth every penny.

Even if you have to postpone other things, spending money on either a Martin or a Taylor is money well spent.

Finally, these guitars have a great value of resale mostly because of their wood’s quality, meaning that eventually, you can always sell them maybe for a better price that you have bought them.

That is all for now, please as usual, feel free to contact us or tell us what you think of our articles or if you have tried any of the items mentioned in this article, we will be more than happy to read them!


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